Ouyang, Ying
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Ouyang, Ying Research Hydrologist



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  • Investigate impacts of land management (e.g., reforestation) and climate change upon surface and groundwater flow, sediment/contaminant transport, water quantity, and water quality using mathematical models (e.g., BASINS-HSPF, MODFLOW/MT3D, and HYDSTRA); develop approaches for low flow selection associated with minimum flows/levels technique for water resource supply, management, and conservation; design a Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems (DDDAS) in conjunction with field measurements for real-time monitoring of surface water quality (e.g., N and P); characterize surface water quality trends using load duration curve and recurrence interval analysis techniques; simulate short-rotation woody biomass production in the soil-tree-atmosphere continuum using STELLA model; identify temporal/space patterns and key parameters of water quantity/quality in forest watersheds using multivariate statistics (e.g., 3D-Kringing, PCA and Wavelet); assess CO 2 flux in short-rotation woody crop lands using STELLA model, and perform in-situ field measurements of surface and ground water quality in selected forest watersheds using the YSI sensors. Collaborate with faculty members from Universities and scientists from state agencies in nutrient removal from constructed wetlands; fate and transport of contaminants in soils and sediments; greenhouse gas emission from land surface; and short-rotation plant biomass production associated with their adverse environmental impacts.  

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