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Chambers, Jeanne C Research Ecologist



profile narrative

  • Much of my current research focuses on (1) developing an understanding of the factors that determine ecological resistance to invasive species, especially cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) and that affect ecological resilience to disturbances like fire, and (2) on using that information to develop effective managment and restoration approaches. Study systems include arid and semi-arid shrublands, woodlands, riparian ecosystems and alpine ecosystems

research interests

  • My research interests include: 1) disturbance/restoration ecology, 2) global change processes, 3) invasive species, especially annual grasses, and 4) arid and semi-arid shrublands, woodlands, riparian ecosystems and alpine ecosystems.

importance of research

  • Present research focuses on understanding the causes and consequences of stream incision & livestock grazing in riparian areas. pinyon and juniper expansion into sagebrush ecosystems, and cheatgrass invasion into cold desert ecosystems & developing methods for their restoration and management. Earlier work focused on alpine ecosystems.

past research

  • Arid and semi-arid ecosystems face numerous stresses including climate change and other global change processes. Understaning ecological resistance to invasives and resilience to disturbance and using that information to develop and prioritize restoration and management is essential for their sustainability.

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