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  • My research goals are to identify and characterize the primary watershed processes and landform structures affecting forested ecosystems in the Interior Highlands, and how forest management affects these processes and structures. To achieve these goals, my major research objectives are to: quantify the processes by which water, sediment, and nutrients move through forest ecosystems; determine their relative importance; determine how their relative importance varies at different space and time scales; determine how these processes are affected by forest management practices; and develop models for extrapolating research findings to other locations in the Interior Highlands. My research focuses primarily on upland forested watersheds, encompassing spatial scales from 1 to 5,000 hectares, and processes that operate over time scales of less than one year to 100 years. I have completed or have underway studies in the following topical areas: stream classification; mass erosion processes; sediment production from small, forested watersheds; the interactions between sediment processes and channel morphology; and the structural responses of channels to natural and human-induced disturbances.

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