Adams, Susan B.
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Adams, Susan B. Aquatic Ecologist-Team Leader



profile narrative

  • I conduct research on the biology and community ecology of native, warmwater fishes and crayfishes at various spatial and temporal scales. Research is directed toward understanding mechanisms contributing to the structure of aquatic communities, quantifying the effects of disturbance on aquatic systems, and improving knowledge about the taxonomy, distribution, and life history of crayfishes. Much of my current work focuses on how press (e.g., stream warming, dams, land use changes) and pulse (e.g., major storms) disturbances influence communities.   I am also involved in long-term research on sculpin distributions and their changes with stream warming in streams of western Montana.

past research

  • Past research has included: -Habitat correlates of bull trout in Idaho streams -Mechanisms of invasion by brook trout in Montana and Idaho -Movements by sculpin, Rocky Mountain tailed frogs, and boreal toads in western streams -Life history, habitat use, diet, and population genetics of Alabama shad -Seasonal and interannual variation in warmwater fish assemblages -Phylogenetics of crayfish in the Trisellescens subgenus of the genus Orconectes -Effects of anthropological disturbances on crayfish -Life history and phylogenetics of crayfish

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