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Prestemon, Jeffrey Project Leader



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  • Principal study areas: (i) economic and statistical analysis of forest-based disturbances, (ii) international trade, and (iii) timber market structure and function. A major focus of disturbance research is to understand the production of wildfire and its management, and to expand understanding of effective approaches to reducing the occurrences of green crimes. Markets research evaluates domestic and international forest product and timber price relationships. Trade research primarily seeks to identify the role of the U.S. forest sector in world markets.

research interests

  • Understanding, predicting, and forecasting arson (incendiary) and intentional wildfires Understanding, predicting, and forecasting accidentally ignited wildfires Understanding and forecasting suppression costs Quantifying the effects and economic net benefits of wildfire hazard reduction treatments, such as mechanical treatments and prescribed fire Understanding processes of illegal activities, including green crimes, occurring in forests Understanding the national and global impacts of policies and programs to reduce rates of illegal logging and trade in illegally sourced forest products Nonlinear and linear modeling of forest product market prices and spatial relationships The economics of invasive, exotic, and endemic pests in forests The economic impacts of hurricanes on timber markets

importance of research

  • Understanding how humans intervene intentionally and unintentionally intervene in forests, markets, and disturbance processes can improve policies and programs that seek to maximize public and private well-being. Scientific analyses of disturbances, markets, and trade can also provide platforms for testing hypotheses and broader theories related to biophysical processes, landowner behavior, criminal activity, potentially advancing knowledge in related fields of inquiry.

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