Horn, Scott
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Horn, Scott Entomologist



profile narrative

  • Biological Control of Chinese Privet....Ecological impacts of Chinese Privet invasion......Pollinator diversity and abundance within various forest types......Control/Management of the redbay ambrosia beetle.......Is the recently introduced kudzu bug a biocontrol option for kudzu?......Saproxylic beetle use of native and exotic trees........

research interests

  • Impact of forest management on insect communities; In particular, how forest management activities affect arthropod prey of the red-cockaded woodpecker; Role of coarse woody debris (downed logs and snags) in maintaining insect populations; Relationship between artificial canopy gaps and insects in a bottomland hardwood forest; Ecology of cavity-nesting bees and wasps; Developing efficient trapping techniques for pollinators/cavity-nesters; Ecology of sand and gravel bar insects; and Determining the impacts of Chinese privet on riparian forest communities.

HR job title

  • ENT


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