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  • The overall objective of this research is to 1) address practical, applied forest management needs based on a combination of current scientific thought and needs expressed by field practitioners and 2) to get science results out to practitioners in a meaningful and useful way that will benefit both society and the environment. This integrated research program addresses forest dynamics and the development of both short and long-term studies at three scales: stand, state, and regional. These studies address: forest restoration growth woody species reproduction competitive capacity stand dynamics stand composition keystone forest species restoration quantitative silviculture development of forest management methods forest ecology disturbance ecology diversity of upland hardwood forests from the Arkansas Interior Highlands to larger scales that include eastern upland hardwood forests Forest dynamics of the: Ozark Highlands Boston Mountains Arkansas River Valley Ouachita Mountains eastern upland hardwood forests Other topics include: oak decline land use history fire ecology regional dynamics of upland old-growth forests of the Midwest Getting science results out, examples: an interactive web-based product based on some of this research is available at http://ncrs.fs.fed.us/oakus/ Upland Oak Ecology Symposium proceedings with state-of-the-art knowledge/research (see http://www.srs.fs.usda.gov/pubs/gtr/gtr_srs073/gtr_srs073-article-list.jsp for individual papers, http://www.srs.fs.usda.gov/pubs/gtr/gtr_srs073/gtr_srs073.pdf to download the whole 22MB pdf of the publication, or http://www.srs.fs.usda.gov/pubs/6470 for the publication description) Compass article on Arkansas upland deciduous forest research - Of Fire Scars and Arkansas Oaks http://www.srs.fs.fed.us/compass/issue9/07offirescars.htm Compass article on Arkansas fire research - Oaks, People, and Fire http://www.srs.fs.fed.us/compass/issue9/07oakspeople.htm Also click on the search button below Compass article on Climate Change: http://www.srs.fs.fed.us/compass/issue10/02learning.htm Compass article on Henry R. Koen EF: http://www.srs.fs.usda.gov/compass/issue13/02koen.html

research interests

  • I am working on research in oak-dominated forests of the Ozark-Ouachita Highlands, where oak-hickory is the most extensive forest type, covering over 15 million acres.   The majority of the work is applied, and considerable effort is made to bring application of research results to resource managers and others.   I am working to develop methods for forest restoration, sustainability, and to forecast long-term, large-scale changes in forests throughout the south and beyond.   I am working to understand factors associated with oak mortality and on methods to minimize its impact.  I also manage two experimental forests totaling over 5,000 acres.

importance of research

  • Restoration of forest species is important for maintaining the integrity and sustainability of forests.   While forecasting landscape change is an essential quantitative tool for understanding the large-scale, long-term, cumulative effects of forest management. This knowledge is required for management of National Forests and equally crucial to private forestland owners who own the majority of the forests in the eastern United States.

past research

  • Marty has worked for the Southern Research Station since 1998.   He has published more than 45 scientific manuscripts and other publications; given more than 60 scientific presentations; given invited talks in China and Russia; done collaborative research with university and government scientists; taught classes at both The Ohio State University and Purdue University; and presented 38 technical transfer talks, workshops and field days. In addition he holds adjunct faculty status at several universities.

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