Guldin, James M.
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Guldin, James M. Supervisory Research Ecologist and Project Leader



profile narrative

  • A national approach to adaptive silviculture under the influence of changing climate Development of a climate change hazard rating index in west Gulf and Interior Highlands forest stands Application of uneven-aged silviculture-75 years of experience Conduct the Southern Pine Module, National Advanced Silviculture Program Growth and yield of shortleaf pine Regeneration dynamics in mixed shortleaf pine-hardwood stands under pine-bluestem restoration in the western Ouachita Mountains

research interests

  • Ecology and silviculture of naturally regenerated forest stands, with an emphasis on southern pines Theory and practice of uneven-aged silviculture, with emphasis on mixed loblolly-shortleaf pine stands on the Upper West Gulf Coastal Plain Science delivery and technology transfer in silviculture and forest management Ecological restoration of forested ecosystems, with an emphasis on stands dominated by southern pines Application of silviculture under changing ecological, economic, and social forcing factors

importance of research

  • Modifications of theory and practice of silvicultural systems under the influence of changing climate Develop practical field guidelines for assessment of exposure, hazard and risk for forest stands on public and private lands under the influence of changing climate in a local context  Continue to advance the theory and practice of uneven-aged silvicultural systems in intolerant southern pines based on long-term experience Advanced technical skills are needed for silvicultural certification required by law for foresters practicing on National Forest lands Improve models for growth and yield of even-aged southern pine stands in the Ouachita Mountains Develop indicators of long-term sustainability in applied forest management for ecological restoration goals in shortleaf pine-dominated ecosystems in the Ouachita Mountains

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