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  • Today's activities are focused on improving the interaction of Forest Service researchers with their customers through web content that is rich, dynamic and current. Discovery tools like Treesearch , GeoTreesearch and the R&D-wide SOLR search tool  help visitors find the solutions they need. Interagency collaborations like VIVO , STAR METRICS ,  PatentsView , and the Alliance build on industry best practices and demonstrate that our management of research is driven by strategic vision leading to solid results. Check out profiles elsewhere: ORCID Profile  | ResearcherID  | ResearchGate

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  • A key part of our agency's mission is to provide the science that managers need to promote the health and resilience of the Nation’s forests and grasslands to benefit the American people. Transparency of operations, objectives, and accomplishments builds trust with taxpayers, collaborabors, and future partners.

past research

  • Most of Mr. Pye's research has been conducted as an ecologist working with economists to illuminate the social and ecologic interactions that shape our forests and the benefits that derive from them. Early work was on acid rain and air pollution effects on trees and stands, and an evaluation of the costs and benefits of research to control fusiform rust damage in southern pines. Wildfires in Florida in 1998 encouraged investigations there and beyond into the economics of wildfires. A continuing area of research has been in the regional dynamics and control of southern pine beetle.

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