Miller, Daniel R.
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Miller, Daniel R. Research Entomologist



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  • Development of integrated pest management (IPM) programs for insect pests of intensive forestry in cone and seed orchards, nurseries and plantations.The emphases are on impact assessments and the use of behavior-modifying semiochemicals.Specific topics include coneworms in loblolly pine seed orchards, cone beetles in white pine cone seed orchards, reproduction weevils and Nantucket pine tip moth in plantations, and diversity assessments of arboreal beetles relative to silvicultural treatments. Current research targets the development of traps and lures for a broad selection of bark and wood boring beetles for use in detection programs for exotic and invasive species. 

research interests

  • Bark and wood boring beetles and their associates and predators; Pests of seeds, cones and acorns; Pests of pine plantations; Exotic and invasive species; Monitoring tools.

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