USDA's VIVO is a scientific collaboration tool used to connect USDA researchers across the Department with each other, as well as to peers and potential collaborators from other research institutions and organizations that use or benefit from USDA research.

Cornell University's Albert R. Mann Library developed the VIVO (not an acronym) tool/platform, which resides at the University. VIVO builds on partnerships with the University of Florida, Indiana University, Washington University, and the Scripps Research Institute, and grant funding from the National Institutes of Health. The Open Source community supports VIVO's technology development. Key experts from this larger community are part of the National VIVO Project and Development Team. Cornell University supports VIVO development and partners with USDA's VIVO Technical Team.

USDA VIVO brings together in one site publicly available information on the people, agencies, units, and other resources that collectively make up the research environment in all disciplines within the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) science agencies Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Economic Research Service (ERS), National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), and Forest Service (FS).

Search USDA VIVO for information about researchers and scientists, research units, and intramural and extramural research funded by USDA. Explore visualization tools for "co-Author Network", "Map of Science", and "co-Investigator Network" and download the data on which they are based.

Representatives from the five participating USDA agencies and Cornell University's Mann Library comprise the USDA VIVO Technical Team. In addition, USDA convenes a VIVO Board to intellectually guide the implementation of VIVO Web across USDA's science agencies, including identifying data for use in the ontology, providing specifications and feedback on the VIVO interface design, and developing and implementing a communications plan to create awareness about VIVO to the USDA science community and those served by USDA.

The design of VIVO allows data to be maintained manually or brought into the database in automated ways from local "systems of record" or source systems. At this time, USDA brings all information in from several source systems. The information comes from sources such as ARS's Agricultural Research Information System (ARIS), NIFA's Current Research Information System (CRIS), and FS's Research Information Tracking System (RITS) databases. Over time, additional agencies and information will be added.

Please contact us with any corrections, comments, or suggestions for improvement. The USDA VIVO Team relies on periodic updates from each agency's system of record for authoritative content and does not edit the information received. However, the Team sends questions, comments, and suggestions to the appropriate agency contact for review and resolution.

For information about the National VIVO project or to download the open source release, please see http://vivoweb.org.